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Friday, April 17, 2015

Journey Revisited packs them in again at Black Oak Casino!

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The last time the band played at Black Oak Casino in January, the lines were four deep going out the door of the venue. These folks were so jazzed that they stood out in the casino for the entire concert to listen to the guys jam.

It was a great night on Friday - Here's a slideshow of photos by Theresa aka Reese Live ( , and Team JR (Jennie Yaeger and Tami Baloy).

And the set list for Friday's show at the Willow Creek Theatre:

Black Oak Casino, April 17, 2015. 22 Songs:
Loving You Is Easy
Just The Same Way
Stay Awhile
Girl Can't Help It
-- Introduce The Band --
Keyboard Build Up Into - Open Arms
Who's Crying Now
Feeling That Way
Oh Sherrie
-- Break --
Too Late
Separate Ways
Stone In Love
Be Good To Yourself
La Do Da & Solo
Where Were You With *Drum Solo*
Don't Stop Believing = Extended Version
Wheel In The Sky
Lovin Touchin Squeezin
Anyway You Want It

Here's Separate Ways from the January gig (vid by Team JR's Jennie Yaeger):

JR rocks Separate Ways, from the 1/31/2015 gig at Black Oak Casino, where they packed the house! The 4-deep line waiting to get in was all the way out to the front door of the casino. People were so jazzed about seeing the band that the folks not able to get into the venue stood out in the casino to hear the entire concert! RAWK! -- Pam @JRNYrevisited Video by Team JR member Jennie Yaeger.
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Journey Revisited is:

Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Journey Revisited in concert - footage from Covina and The Point gigs!

Some treats for you!

Thanks Panda & Jennie, Go Team JR!
Posted by Jeff Salado on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Light & Stay Awhile
Thank you Pam Spaulding And Jennie Yaeger for your hard work at taking great pictures and videos of our sorry butts lol
Posted by Jeff Salado on Monday, April 13, 2015
And an editor's note on the above: This is my favorite video from the March 20-22 Journey Revisited gig at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts - and Team JR shot a lot of footage there. I covered this song specifically to capture lead singer Jeff Salado's fantastic emotive qualities close up on this pairing of classic songs "Lights" and "Stay Awhile" -- it was great to be there to capture it for the fans out there in the back rows at shows and others around the country who don't get to see JR like this. Every show around the country in 2015 has sold out so far, btw! This is a great example of why they pack the venues - fidelity to the legendary arena-rock band's Perry-era sound. Journey Revisited excelled at Covina during the three-night run; it was a privilege to work this landmark gig. Thank you for unforgettable performances, Jeff, Val, David, Michael, Kevin -- and on night 3, Gary Ponder on skins.

And here is fan-shot video from Covina and the April 11 show at The Point Casino in Washington State:

Journey Revisited - Open Arms - Covina, CA
Journey Revisited - Open Arms - Covina, CA. Vid by Elisa.
Posted by Journey Revisited on Monday, April 13, 2015
Journey Revisited - Open Arms - Covina, CA. Vid by Elisa.

Journey Revisited - Open Arms/Who's Crying Now, 4/11/2015
Journey Revisited - Open Arms/Who's Crying Now, 4/11/2015. The Point Casino. Thanks, Tony Perry.
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Journey Revisited - Open Arms/Who's Crying Now, 4/11/2015. The Point Casino. Thanks, Tony Perry.

Journey Revisited - Faithfully - Covina, CA
Journey Revisited - Faithfully - Covina, CA. Vid by Elisa.
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Journey Revisited - Faithfully - Covina, CA. Vid by Elisa.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

SOLD OUT - Journey Revisited rocks The Point in Kingston, Washington!

UPDATE: It was a slamming night at The Point for Journey Revisited. The sold-out gig was one big party, with a lot of fans, the faithful and the new.

 photo 01T_zpsinhmrefu.jpg

Frontman Jeff Salado on the audience response: "The turnout was amazing, the fans danced the night away. We made a lot of new friends, and people said JR is the best Journey tribute that they've seen...I'm flattered that my vocals are compared to the legendary Steve Perry's. We want to give audiences that authentic sound."

 photo 02T_zpscsla07go.jpg


While they were on the way to drizzly Kingston, WA they learned that Saturday's gig at The Point Casino was SOLD OUT. They were stoked.

A slideshow of the fun -

Photos by Theresa aka Reese Live and fan Tony Perry.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Is it Journey or Journey Revisited? Both! Check out "Just the Same Way" mashup

Journey Revisited fans know just how close the band comes to recreating the classic Journey sound and presentation - vocals, harmonies, and amazing instrumentals.

Well, here's a little mashup of a hit from the Perry/Rolie era -- "Just the Same Way" from Evolution (1979) -- with JR's Jeff Salado and Kevin Jachetta sharing the killer lead vox. It shows why there's no other tribute to Journey that works as hard to perfect its fidelity to the music and band they love as much as fans do.
Below the fold, another classic gets a mashup...